Presidential Welcome 2017

As President of the International Neural Network Society (INNS) I am delighted that you visit our web portal. On these pages you can learn about INNS and about the ways we contribute to the advancement of the state of knowledge in modeling behavioral and brain processes, as well as to applying neural modeling ideas in various technologies that benefit the society. I hope that you find the information on these pages helpful and decide to take part in our activities one way or another in the future.

In 2017, we celebrate the 30th birthday of INNS! Many of the pioneers of the field of neural networks and machine learning are among our members and serve in various distinguished roles in INNS. The past three decades demonstrated explosive proliferation of neural networks in science, technology, and in a wide range of applications. The recent popularity and success of novel AI techniques, deep learning, brain and cognitive networks, brain inspired computing, soft computing, and other influential approaches are rooted in the foundations that have been created decades ago, in significant way by INNS and its members. We are proudly carrie the legacy of INNS in developing intelligent technologies.

The popularity of neural networks has led to the emergence of many organizations, societies, meetings, and publications related to neural networks, beyond the ones initiated and supported via INNS. These great developments demonstrate that INNS’ initial efforts decades ago were justified, became very successful, and brought their fruits. Today we experience an expanding and very competitive research landscape of neural networks, machine learning and AI, and cognitive and brain sciences. INNS has a tradition of mutually beneficial collaboration with sister organizations such as the Japanese Neural Network Society, European Neural Network Society, Asian-Pacific Neural Network Society, INNS India Chapter, other regional organizations, as well as IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) and many other organizations. We rely strongly on these collaborations and explore new ones, in order to strengthen the success of INNS in working towards its mission and providing value to our members.

On these pages you can find information on a wide range of INNS activities, such as Conferences, including our well-established flagship International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN) co-organized by IEEE CIS, and additional flagship conferences on Deep Learning and Big Data; our highly successful flagship journal "Neural Networks" published through our partnership with Elsevier; our Membership activities covering regional and national societies and local Chapters; our resolve to strengthen Educational activities and connect with young generations of scientists who represent our future; and develop efficient ways of Public Relations to reach out to our members and to the society at large. We describe the value we can provide to our members by publishing in our journal, participating at our conferences, and via professional development from Student Membership, to Full Member, Senior Member, and election to the College of Fellows. We provide valuable networking opportunity with leaders of field, as well as acknowledging breakthrough achievements by prestigious Awards, the Gabor Award, Hebb Award, Helmholtz Award, and the Young Investigator Awards

It is my great honor to serve our society as its new President, following the footsteps of our giants. Please do not hesitate to contact me ([email protected]) or our volunteers listed on these pages with your questions and comments. We are devoted to contribute to further successes for the benefit of you, our members, our society, and humanity.

Robert Kozma, President INNS