SIGCOM Working Committees


1. SIGCOM Operations:

Task: Outline the rules we operate in the SIGCOM and reporting to BOG
Details: The following questions should be dealt with: how to distribute work (the present letter is part of this); how to make decisions; within 1-2 months we should outline a Charter of operation for SIGCOM; study the existing INNS bylaws and prepare suggestions for new by-laws by next summer.

2. SIGCOM Finance:

Task: Outline rules for financial operation and working with our budget.
Details: We have a budget of $20k, which we need to spend responsibly and in a balanced way to achieve our stated goals. The Finance task involve to lay down ground rules of distributing support for SIGs, how they apply, how we award the money, how SIGs report on task completion. Having the budget is key for our effect on SIGs and we need to use it efficiently.

3. Support SIG activities:

Task: Coordinate the work of existing SIGs and promote the formation of new SIGs.
Details: This includes: (i) going through the present SIG list and talk to SIG chairs about their work and potential needs; (ii) suggesting to resolve potential overlaps which may exist; (iii) identify areas which are potentials for new SIGs but not yet covered (topical and geographical) and try to promote SIG activity in those areas.

4. Link with Sister Organizations:

Task: Establish contacts with sister organizations which can be used for SIG activities.
Details: Explore the possible sister organizations (we did this extensively already); get in touch with organizations either directly or through appropriate SIG members to facilitate an link/event; eg, organizing Workshops, Special Sessions, have invited talks, etc. This is of course is closely inked to SIG activities, but it looks at collaboration options, suggests to SIGs, including formal framework, like co-sponsorship (with or without financial support).

5. SIGCOM Publicity:

Task: Keep aware our environment of our work and recruit support.
Details: We have the INNS Newsletters, which has been used in the past to keep in touch with the membership. We coordinate this with Harold Szu. We also should have our web presence and link to different SIG activities.