IJCNN 2021 Sessions 

The International Joint Conference on Neural Networks is organized jointly by the International Neural Network Society and the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, and is the premiere international meeting for researchers and other professionals in neural networks and related areas.

Each year, the conference features invited plenary talks by world-renowned speakers in the areas of neural network theory and applications, computational neuroscience, robotics, and distributed intelligence. In addition to regular technical sessions with oral and poster presentations, the conference program will include special sessions, competitions, tutorials, and workshops on topics of current interest.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, IJCNN 2021 was held virtually. Several of the Plenary Speaker sessions and tutorials were recorded and are available for you to view here.

Plenary Speakers

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Active Inference

Transfer Learning and Knowledge Transfer Between Humans and Machines

Self-Organized Criticality in the Brain by Dietmar Plenz

Smart Interactive Buildings

What neuroimaging can tell us about human brain function by Riitta Salmelin

 Fascinating World of Recurrent Networks: A Personal View by Peter Tino 

Tutorial Speakers

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Deep Learning for Graphs by Davide Bacchiu


 Deep Learning applied to the viral genome classification by Marcelo A.C. Fernandes

Reservoir Computing: Randomized Recurrent Neural Networks

 Randomization Based Deep and Shallow Learning Methods for Classification and Forecasting

Intelligent System Research: AI Ethical Challenges and Opportunities

Machine Learning for Brain-Computer Interfaces