Women's Chapter

Hava Siegelmann


Chair: Hava Siegelmann
University of Massachusetts - Amherst 

Women's Chapter Objectives

The objectives of the Women's Chapter are to increase equality of opportunities for women in the field of neural networks and to address and dismantle biases against women. We are here to:

1. Support activities that increase the feeling of belonging within the INNS for all women, including:
  • running welcome activities at conferences and
  • keeping a mailing list
2. Empowering women in their INNS-related careers and help create opportunities, including:
  • organizing special sessions and workshops at conferences and
  • inviting role models to give practical advise
3. Listen to and act upon perceived biases, including:
  • helping members that face unfair situations in their institutions, and
  • help interested institutions to lead fair practices.


The involvement of women in science and engineering has advanced greatly with the success of the women’s liberation movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Yet, involvement did not promise ease, and many of the senior women scientists can share about situations they were put in unfairly, well-deserved promotions they did not receive, at least not for long duration, and even about losing jobs for completely sexist reasons.

Even younger lady scientists may still receive fewer resources and be given fewer opportunities in their departments; others share that, when acknowledging such issues, they are treated as “troublemakers” and are being marginalized by colleagues and superiors. We are here to take women's equality to the next stage.

Structure of the Women's Chapter

The Women's Chapter is currently chaired by Hava Siegelmann of the University of Massachusetts - Amherst. We will elect a new chair every two years.

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