Why Join INNS?

• Be part of the community that explores the human brain/mind and related applications.
• Learn about breakthroughs in the understanding of artificial and biological neural networks.
• Discover techniques for the application of neurocomputing in your area of expertise.
• Meet others who share your professional and scientific interests through INNS organized/sponsored activities such as the flagship conference in neural networks—International      Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN).
• Stay on the cutting edge of developments in this dynamic field.
• Save the cost of membership many times over through publication and conference discounts.

Benefit Highlights

Educational Opportunities

• A subscription of the journal Neural Networks
• A subscription to the INNS magazine, Natural Intelligence
• Discounts on scientific publications and periodicals pertaining to neural networks

Networking Opportunities

• Participate with discounted registration fees in the largest and most widely known international meetings on neural networks and other events sponsored by the INNS

Leadership Opportunities

• Organization of Special Interest Groups or Topical Sections focused on specific theoretical issues or applications, as well as Regional Chapters

Benefits of Membership

Active membership status brings many benefits to INNS members. These include:

• Receipt of the journal Neural Networks–Members receive regular issues of this scholarly journal.
• Access to the INNS Magazine, Natural Intelligence–Updates on members, interest groups, events, trends, and advances in the field (winter, summer, and fall).
• Access to the Member Directory–Members have access to the prominent professionals in the field. Our members opt in to this directory thus providing their contact information to other members of INNS.
• Discounted Registration Fees for the annual International Joint Conference on Neural Networks–Members can attend the annual conference and other events sponsored by INNS with discounted registration fees.
• Opportunity to Become Involved–Members are encouraged to become involved in INNS by organizing INNS-sponsored events, serving on committees, participating in special interest groups, topical sections, and regional chapters, presenting at INNS-sponsored conferences, and submitting articles to our journal.
• Voting Rights–all INNS members are eligible to run for office and have equal privileges of voice and vote.

Becoming a Member is Easy!

To fill out a new membership application, go to Membership Applications and complete the appropriate application.

INNS offers the following types of memberships:

• Regular Member: Persons with an interest in the field of neural networks or related areas.
• Student Member: Persons enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program associated to neural networks and related areas.
• Affiliate Member: Persons who belong to either ENNS or JNNS (Affiliate Members do not receive the Neural Networks journal).
• Senior Member: INNS members can be elected to this status, based on length of membership in INNS and contributions to the Society.
• College of Fellows: INNS members can be elected to this status, based on length of membership in INNS, contributions to the Society, and contributions to the field of neural networks.
• Emerging Region Regular Member: Persons with an interest in the field of neural networks or related areas who live or work in India or Morocco.
• Emerging Region Student Member: Persons enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program associated to neural networks and related areas who are studying in India or Morocco.

Awards Program

The International Neural Network Society’s Awards Program is established to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the field of Neural Networks. Up to three awards (The Hebb, The Helmholtz, and The Gabor Award), at most one in each category, are presented annually to highly accomplished researchers for outstanding contributions made in the field of Neural Networks. Up to two awards are presented annually in the Young Investigator category.

Awards include:

• The Hebb Award - recognizes achievement in biological learning
• The Helmholtz Award - recognizes achievement in sensation/perception
• The Gabor Award - recognizes achievement in engineering/ application
• Young Investigator Award - recognizes young researchers with significant contributions in the field of Neural Networks

Ways You Can Contribute

INNS is a non-profit professional organization organized by volunteers. You may provide your expertise in the following:

• Organize special sessions, workshops, tutorials, etc. at INNS sponsored conferences and events.
• Submit your best work to INNS sponsored conferences and journals.
• Donate your social media expertise to help INNS manage website and related social media sites.
• Encourage others to join INNS!

Networking Opportunities

INNS has Special Interest Groups (SIGs), Sections, and Regional Chapters (RCs) that any and all INNS members may join, based on research interest and geography.
A SIG can be elevated to a Section if the Section has at least 50 INNS members. A Section may charge a reasonable Section membership fee to support its activities, have a special track within IJCNN (when organized by INNS), have a special issue/section in the INNS magazine, and other benefits.

Topical SIGs and Sections

Autonomous Machine Learning Section
• Bio-inspired Vision
Bioinformatics & Intelligence
• Biological Neural Networks (proposed)
• Biomedical Applications (proposed)
• Brain Modeling & Neuroscience (proposed)
• Computational Intelligence in Earth and Environmental


• Embedded and Cognitive Robotics (proposed)
Engineering Applications of Neural Networks
• Intelligent Devices
Mental Function and Dysfunction
Neurodynamics & Intentionality
• Spiking Neural Networks (new)
• Student SIG (proposed)
• Women in Science and Engineering (new)

Regional Chapters

For more information, contact VP for Membership, Peter Erdi, at [email protected].