INNS Award Nomination

 The INNS is now accepting nominations for the following 2021 INNS awards:

  • Donald O. Hebb Award. This award recognizes outstanding contributions to research in biological learning.
  • Hermann von Helmholtz Award. This award recognizes outstanding contributions to research in perception.
  • Dennis Gabor Award. This award recognizes outstanding contributions to engineering applications of neural networks.
  • Aharon Katzir Young Investigators Award: This award recognizes exceptionally promising young investigators in the field of neural networks.

 Please complete the INNS 2021 Award Nomination form in its entirety and submit it to make your nomination.

Nominations must be submitted through the nomination form, reviewed and the submitter must have received an email acknowledgment from the system by February 15, 2022 (extended).

The nomination should include the following 5 parts:

1. Nomination basic details: Nominator name, affiliation, address, email, nominee name, affiliation, address, email, INNS membership number, specific type of award for which the nomination is submitted.
2. Nomination letter (1 page)
3. Brief CV of the nominator (max 2 pages).
4. Brief CV of the nominee (max 2 pages).
5. Justification of the nomination that describes the outstanding achievements of the nominee (2pp).

Items 2-5 must be compiled into ONE pdf document for upload to the INNS nomination form.

See a description of each of the awards at INNS Awards and a list of previous recipients at INNS Award Recipients.  For any questions, please contact the INNS Executive Office at [email protected].

INNS Doctoral Dissertation Award

The INNS Educational Committee invites nominations for the Doctoral Award 2021.

This award is presented annually to the author(s) of the best doctoral dissertation(s) in neural networks, machine learning, and related fields by INNS members in recognition of his/her high-quality, excellent, and outstanding research work. Deadline for nominations - to be determined

Details of how to nominate are available at the following link